Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Feeling inspired

On my last post I talked about how this time of year I always get nostalgic about the pregnancy with Mason and his birth.

This past weekend I felt inspired to create two more pieces of cesarean art:

This expresses how I felt in the OR. Under the bright lights, unable to move or defend myself, I felt very vulnerable and exposed.

This one basically sums up the nostalgia I feel about the pregnancy and birth. It's an odd feeling... I no longer live in the same house or even the same town where we had Mason, but sometimes it feels like my ghost is still there, haunting, still happily and naively pregnant. And a ghost of Mason... waiting to be born.


TheFeministBreeder said...

Michelle - these are amazing! How do you do them? I am the least artistic person on the planet - I'd never be able to.

Michele said...


I mostly use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These were done on Photoshop.

Photoshop brushes are amazing--anyone can make really nice work with those! you should try it.

Jill--Unnecesarean said...

The first one is really powerful. I echo what Gina said... you have talent, my friend.

Kristin said...

Very nice! I am just starting to learn Photoshop. Did you use a lot of layers or something in the 2nd? I like how the grass seems to feather out into the picture. How did you do that?

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